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April 1, 2018


As some of you may know, if you follow me on social media, I workout almost everyday and do my best in the practice of fitness & nutrition. As a novice in bodybuilding, I am a big fan of the fitness industry & am slowly learning about how this industry works. I wanted to be of service to this scene by applying what I do best, music. 


Summer of 2017, I was given the opportunity to DJ for ALLMAX for the Mr. Olympia Expo. There I got to meet the magnificent team of athletes they had on their sponsorship roster. Afterwards, I got a chance to work with some of their heavy hitters with custom mixes for their routines and original production for workout videos. I also got to work with some local rising stars in the process. Moving forward, I hope to flourish in this scene with my contributions and growing commitment. Check out what I cooked up for the following athletes. 


Steve Kuclo: Arnold Classic 2018 Routine Mix by Presto One 


 Josh Wade: 2017 Ferrigno Legacy 2017 Routine Mix by Presto One





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